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Bob is available for public speaking, presentations, trainings and workshops on a broad variety of topics. He has presented at national conferences and is recognized for his ability to make concepts come alive and be relatable, whether speaking to a large audience or an individual. Using personal stories, analogies, props and active participation, he is regularly rated by his audiences as the speaker they enjoyed the most and learned the most from. So much so that he has even been asked to provide workshops on how to give presentations that stand out and to critique the presentations of fellow professionals to make them more dynamic and impactful.
Bob has worked in organizational improvement in such areas as healthcare, education and disease prevention and management, to name a few. He has worked with large organizations, departments, units and even individuals within organizations that were simply interested in being better at what they were passionate about.

Probably the BEST presentation I’ve seen in my 10 yrs of healthcare. AMAZING!!!

Excellent presentation/talk with the group. Very enjoyable personality.

Awesome speaker. Great tools. Easy to listen to and funny stories! Thank you!

By far my favorite speaker! Very engaging and funny! Loved his demonstration.

Very good work! You should teach speech.

Very complete…. Good mix of story telling demo’s and facts… the stories are what stand out.

Great speaker. Made some really good points. Awesome energy – loved his interaction with the audience!

Amazing! Best speaker of the day!!

Very informative! Amazing public speaker.

Great awesome teacher! I learned so much! Thank you!

"Bob is an insightful coach who helps individuals reach deep within themselves to identify their self-care values, goals and strengths. He works alongside individuals to assure their success! He led a team of staff in developing a strong diabetes prevention program and also led Native American Tribes across the country in both an intensive phase and an after-core support group for participants to engage in. This program is now deemed the most effective public health prevention program in the nation (by the Centers for Disease Control) and it was Bob’s abilities to relate with individuals and help them create action plans and support their lifestyle changes, that led to the success of this now national program. Creativity and flexibility, with an emphasis on a motivational interviewing counseling approach and individual tailoring of goals to personal values are vital, and Bob recognizes and builds upon these lifestyle change foundations to assist individuals in making these positive changes permanent."

Dr. Sharon Stanphill, PhDChief Health Officer, Cow Creek Band of Umpqua Tribe of Indians

Great presenter, lots of attitude and positivity, great group activity. Very friendly.

Fantastic presentation. This information is vital.

Very interesting, clear & fun presentation. Clear explanation, stuff I will remember. He was amazing! The BEST!

He was amazing. Very awesome guy and will definitely use the information as I go forward.

Most valuable part of the day!

Very interactive and easy to follow. I enjoyed the way he taught today.

Speaker was eloquent and engaging – very personable. Presentation was thorough.

VIP. Most valuable presentation! It doesn’t get any better. Most important topic today. Bob should teach classes.

Well organized, genuine, inspiring.